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Acquisition Process

  • Each property owner will be assigned an agent specific to their property for the duration of the process

  • Property worth will be valued by comparison properties only - assessments do not matter.

  • A formal proposal will be conducted by "assigned agent"

  • 2nd review will be applied to property

  • A deal will be presented

  • You, as property owner, can negotiate

  • Acquisition takes 1 yr to 18 months to complete


Additional info

  • Each property owner is allocated up to $4,000 to be used for appraisal, engineering and lawyer fees

  • Moving costs, if incurred,  will be paid within a 50 mile radius.

  • If you want to sell before acquisition, you must disclose to new buyer. If house does not sell within 2 yrs, acquisition help will be provided.  

Additional Questions 

  • Once property is acquired who is responsible for upkeep, taxes, and security of properties?

  • What, if any, burden will remain on the original property owner?

  • What is timeline to physically move off property?

  • What is the timeline for destruction of properties once acquired?

  • If Reconstruction Proposal changes after acquisition, what, as a property owner are my rights?

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