Reduce future congestion


  • Yr. 2013 47,000 - 70,500 vehicles per day

  • Yr. 2045 projected 89,000 - 132,000 vehicles per day using highway

  • 12% Truck Traffic

  • 48% Local Traffic



Click here for PENN DOT 's proposed I-8O EXPANSION PLAN 

UPDATE: changes are being made. Stay tuned for updates when available. 


Improve safety


  • Exit Lane length

  • Shoulder width uniformity

  • Bridge deficiencies and height

      requirements not up to current code

  • Deteriorated roadway surface

  • 239 crashes over 3.45 miles in 5 years studied (2009-2014) =

                           48 per year/4 per month

             43% single car hit objects    31% rear end collision

                                                                            (congestion related)


Bring road & Bridge structure up to current design standards


  • System continuity is lacking

       on/off ramps at all exits

  • Intent of interstate system to      facilitate long range travel

        Currently 48% used by locals

  • 4 lanes open at all times during


  • Bridge height must be 16’6” due to Department of Defense 

        Operations as we are a

        mainline roadway.


According to a study done by Safe80 Task Force Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)  approved in 2016,  The crash rate from Exit 299 (Tannersville) - Exit 303 (9th St.) - has a rate 2 times that of the state average while the crash rate from Exit 304(Rt. 209) - Exit 308 (Prospect St.)  has a crash rate at or below the state average.

Changes are currently being made to the preferred plan. Stay tuned for updates. 

Changes are currently being made to the preferred plan. Stay tuned for updates. 

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