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Alternative Ideas

There are several Position Points that our Task Force has unanimously agreed are essential to increasing the benefits and decreasing the negative effects of I-80 projects but we have also explored many Alternative Ideas listed here, which are very worthy of consideration and should seriously be investigated further. 

  • Create bypass starting in NJ at the current Columbia Exit  connecting to Route 33 north of Wind Gap thereby diverting Lehigh Valley traffic away from Stroudsburg. Truck traffic will have option to taking Rt 33 S to Rt 78 or Rt 22 -OR- 33 N to connect to Rt 80 at Bartonsvillle. This alternative could involve use of the existing Portland Bridge, expansion of it, or construction of another bridge.  This bypass option thus sidesteps the immovable obstacle of the narrowness and curves of the Delaware Water Gap.


  • Construct new single center lane,  gated and reversible in travel direction.  This will allow control of traffic to be expanded during heavy travel days in either direction and allow emergency vehicles access to cut down on response time.

  • Lower the grade of the highway under the bridges to meet height requirements. 

  • Double Deck the roadway from Scotrun to Marshalls Creek.

  • Mass-transit options, wheather developed now or in the furture, MUST be identified and included in PennDOT's plans. ​

  • Restore passenger train service from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton to NYC


  • Explore the impacts of driverless vehicles, recent advances in traffic control through automated means and how future advanced technology could solve problems and/or may need to be accommodated in the design of the roadway.

  • Consider first fixing problems with secondary regional roads such as Route 611 as a way to have positive impacts on the use and effectiveness of Route 80​.

If you have other Alternative Ideas that you think should be considered please email us at


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