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Additional I-8O Projects

1. I-8O Ramps Bridge Project (SR 8024)

2. SR 2030 I-8O Bridge

       Involves 2 bridges over I-8O at the Welcome Center in Delaware Water Gap Exit 309.

       A roundabout will be created.

       Bid 2017  Construction 2018

3. Ridgeway St. Bridge Replacement Project

       Over railroad tracks in East Stroudsburg.

4. SR 715/ St 611 Project in Tannersville

       Reconfiguration of Rt 715 and Rt 611 alignments, intersection and access to Sullivan Trail, Crossings    

             Outlets, etc.

       Targeted Start Date 2021

5. I-8O - O5S Exit 308 Project

       Reconstruction of the Prospect St. Bridge over Rt I-8O in East Stroudsburg at Exit 308 including 2  


       Improvements along Prospect St. to Brown St. and reconstruction of the I-8O bridge over Brodhead    


      Will include widening highway to 6 lanes but will be striped for 4 lanes.

      Includes 5 retaining walls and sound barriers

      Bid 2018  will take 3 1/2 years to complete

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