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I-8O Project Impact Task Force is a group of people from all walks of life who, under the guidance of the  Stroudsburg Borough Council, are committed to researching, educating and informing the community at large of the potential impact from PennDOT's I-8O Reconstruction Project. We are organized into subcommittees with an emphasis on Research & Analysis, Communications, Policy, and Action & Lobbying.  While safety is our main concern, a further concern is the impact on the Borough of Stroudsburg, its residents and taxpayers both present and future. It is important to emphasize that Borough Council and this I-80 Project Impact AAA Task Force are not against the concept proposed  in the PennDOT I-80 Reconstruction Plan. There are many important, beneficial safety and design improvements. But, we DO NOT need or feel that 6 lanes is the answer and may in fact create more problems than anticipated. 


To enhance the safety of all travelers on I-8O while maintaining the integrity of our beautiful little town of Stroudsburg and surrounding .communities and seeking to maximize the benefits and minimize the negative impacts of PennDOT's Projected Reconstruction plans for our area.

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"Roads should not be built just for cars and trucks but for the benefit of local communities impacted by any changes." author unknown





Discover the reasoning behind the reconstruction project and the actual proposed plan.

Stroudsburg is the only town dissected by I-8O! We need to educate decision makers what is good in our community and how it will be impacted by their plans !





What affects on our communities environment will this proposed change bring?

How will Stroudsburg be affected financially? Will the schools be affected?

What about you?    

PennDOT is well underway with plans to spend half a billion dollars of federal highway money to radically alter Route I-80 through Stroudsburg. For many years to come, these plans will have significant and fundamental impacts on our area, our environment, our towns, our lives and our neighbors.

Changes are currently being made to the preferred plan. Stay tuned for updates. 

Action & Alerts

I-80 Project Impact AAA

Monthly Meeting

January 23, 2024

Stroudsburg Borough Office Chambers

700 Sarah St.

Stroudsburg, PA 18360

6:00 p,m,

All are welcome!

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  • How does this roadway compare to state averages in regards to accidents?

      According to a study done by Safe80 Task Force Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)

      approved in 2016,  The crash rate from Exit 299 (Tannersville) - Exit 303 (9th St.) - has a rate 2

      times that of the state average while the crash rate from Exit 304(Rt. 209) - Exit 308 (Prospect St.)           has a crash rate at or below the state average.

  • Which plan on Penn Dot's website is the most current proposal?  2D  

  • What is happening on the rest of I80? 

  • Can we assume the proposed plan will fix the traffic problems? 

       - Until all feed roads are the same width and lane structure there will still be the potential for

           bottle-necking during high volume times.

       - Traffic will still have to funnel at the toll bridge going into NJ causing backups.

       - Straightening the lanes will cause an increase in the speed of traffic not a decrease.

       - Intersection gridlock on and off the  project route will continue to be a concern

       - Community safety with increased traffic on subsidiary roads will likely be affected.

  • How will the bottle necking at the toll be addressed? 

         Currently there are no plans to address this concern.​

  • Will PennDot listen to other alternatives? Are there other viable options?  


  • What will I80 look like during construction?

          According to PennDot 4 lanes will be open throughout the ​entirety of construction

  • Proposed dates of construction?

          Proposed Right of Way Acquisition 2019,

          Proposed Bid Date 2022,

          Proposed Construction 2022-2025​

  • What are the phases of construction? 


  • What time of day will construction be conducted?

          Do to the sensitive nature of operations at the Ambulatory Center and it's close proximity to the

          highway,​ the request has been made to do construction during night hours. This however will

          also affect the surrounding neighborhoods while people are sleeping. Construction will however

          be constant!

  • Are sound/debris barriers part of the plan?

          Sounds barriers will be part for sections of the project.

          NOTE: the neighborhood affected by a barrier will make a unanimous decision yes or no.

  • What about ground runoff and chemicals during/after construction? 


  • Will the waters be affected?

  • Will emergency vehicles be able to operate in a timely fashion during construction?

         According to the reconstruction plan, there will be 4 lanes open at all times during construction

         allowing emergency vehicles to continue to service the surrounding communities.

  • What about historic sites through the length of the project?

         We are the County Seat  of Monroe County and we must preserve availablity of our town.    

        There are 11 historic structures eligible for distinction or listed on the National Registry of Historic

        Places. These include the Stroud Mansion, Stroudsburg Post Office, George Tillotson House,      

        Wallace Hardware Building, the Kitson Woolen Mill, train station roundhouse,  as well as others      

        within 5 miles of the construction area. The most important of the historic sites however is the

        Hollins Head Cemetary in which our founding fathers granddaughter is buried, 

        Update: These historic structures will not be impacted by the project. 

  • If my house is taken, what is the process?  


  • How will this impact the town?

        If we let down our guard, residents  lively hood is at risk as well as the economy of our

        communities. ​Shoppers will take a different routes to destination mall and outlets instead of Main

        Street  Stroudsburg. 

  • How will business be affected?

        Studies show road construction costs 8 million dollars per mile; Local contractors will not benefit.

  • How many homes will be lost?    

       51 homes will be acquired,  

  • How much land will be lost?       

         188.3 acres of land will be lost.                                                                        

  • How will this impact the schools?

        Funding will be lost which help fund programs, athletics, and music within the schools. This will

        also raise the individual school taxes to those still living within the community. ​

  • How can i get involved?

  • What's with the orange glasses?

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